5.00 - based on 6 reviews
Madawi Alrajhi
Madawi Alrajhi - June 08, 2020
Zainab Hassan
Zainab Hassan - June 05, 2020
The class was very useful and helpful. The instructor was well prepared and organized. The way and the methods were so attractive. Time was perfect. Thank you for organizing this master class. And thanks to chef Darya for the amazing class.
Shabna Anwar
Shabna Anwar - September 10, 2020
I watched 2 cakes recipe for now and it looks simple and easy the way Darya is explaining. It's awesome and cant wait to make it soon.
Aloshka  Quadros
Aloshka Quadros - July 12, 2020
Hi Chef Darya is sooo amazing in her explanation & support . The recipe what do I say it just melted in my mouth . The entire experience was really good & super smooth , will definitely purchase more of her classes.
Hani  Mahmoud
Hani Mahmoud - June 26, 2020
In 2018 first time I met Chef Darya in Lebanon, she was so inspiring for me, that’s why when she started her online classes, I bough it all and it was an amazing experience and many live webinar followed. I had many information for an affordable price of her courses, had files, extra recipes for free,videos and most important, followed by a serious follow up from her throw: what’s up groups for almost each class, personal chatting and personal advices anytime. Chef Darya thx for everything, no one can give like u.
Jerald Mascarenhas
Jerald Mascarenhas - September 22, 2020
My first workshop with Chef Darya was the Honey Cake workshop in Oct 2018. Following this workshop, there has been no looking back. I have learnt a lot from Chef Darya and have enrolled for almost all her workshops. The workshops are very clear with step-by-step guidelines with several tricks and techniques. Chef Darya’s workshops gives you the confidence to take the leap in creating exquisite edible creations. Chef Darya is available 24/7 to answer all questions and doubts. She regularly does follow-ups with her students, via whatsapp chat groups, to check if they have been successful. In addition to the online workshop, Chef Darya holds a webinar with her students and provides all the latest updates and techniques. Chef Darya is an amazing teacher and encourages her students all the time. She also sources the products and ingredients- if need be. I would recommend all her workshops! You will never regret it!
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