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Online Handpan Classes

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About Experience

About Experience:
Have you ever heard about hang music? The instrument used to play this genre of music is called the hand-pan, also known as the hang drum) or the hang the Handpan is shaped like an overturned pan or as some say, it looks like a ufo? this unique percussion instrument is played resting on the musicians lap with the use of hands and fingers instead of mallets. the instrument sounds like a harp, bells, or a harmonically tuned instrument with a mystical vibe? This class will kick the start of your journey into the world of handpan. You will learn the essentials and even get to play your first musical piece right away. Moreover, this class will help you to master the basics and to create a perfect foundation for developing your playing skills further. Join my online classes, you will enjoy playing this instrument. See you soon
To have at hand:Handpan, Pen, Notepad.
About Experience Creator
About Experience Creator:

Anas Al halabi

Age: 32

Residence: Dubai

Languages: Arabic, English

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Online Classes.
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